studio update

The home studio is now in full swing!

Even though I haven't written lately about any studio updates, there has been much going on around here!  The studio has been fully functioning since January and I now have fired my kiln 18 times!  While there are a few tweaks or additions I may still make, the studio is pretty much as I want it to be.  I've been enjoying trying out new glazes at cone 04 as well as doing loads of gold luster at cone 018, something I was unable to do in the big community studio.  I'm enjoying the AC unit and staying out of the studio when the kiln is hot!  

I'm excited to experiment more with glazes, luster, and creating my own plaster plate molds for handbuilding.  I'll be traveling quite a bit this summer but when I'm home I can't wait to be busy in my little studio. There is much work to make for the fall selling season!  Did I mention that I am going to be a first-time participant in the Durham County Pottery Tour?  Yay!  November 4 and 5 my studio will be open to the public along with at least 10 other studios in Durham.  I'm really excited to share my space and process with all the local pottery lovers.  Until then, it's time to get in that little studio and throw/decorate/glaze/fire lots of pots.

New Year, new studio!

I am so proud to announce that I have finally set up and moved into my new studio in my backyard!  I had been wishing and planning to set up shop at home for a while now.  Thanks to Craigslist and the constant help of my very handy father, this studio happened faster than I was expecting.  This shed (or tiny house, rather) was a former dog grooming salon in Garner, NC.  Moving it down the road to Durham was quite a feat but now it's settled nicely in my backyard under the giant willow oak. 

I've gained so much knowledge and inspiration these past few years at Claymakers community studio here in Durham.  However, I can feel that I am itching for the flexibility of my own space and the ability to experiment and develop my own colors and glazes. I am still cleaning out dog hair, organizing supplies, and waiting on my dad to finish building my worktable.  I can't wait to share more photos of the studio with you and to have an open house some time this spring!  Cheers and good vibes to you, wherever you find yourself at the start of this new year.